Information adapted from Marilyn Jackson's notes in Through a Glass Brightly —

The Heritage Windows of St. James Anglican Church

by the late Reverend Canon John D. Caird

Symbolism in the Windows

  1. Font: represents baptism, cleansing of sins.

  2. Alpha: the first letter of the Greek Alphabet: Christ is the beginning of all things

  3. Crown with Cross: reward in the after life for the faithful believers in the crucified Saviour.

  1. Dove Descending: expresses innocence and purity: signifies the Holy Spirit and the presence of God.

  2. Omega: the last letter of the Greek alphabet: Christ is the end of all things

  3. Star with Radiant Arms: possibly the Nativity star

  1. Anchor: hope and stability, steadfastness and faith. As the anchor holds the ship in place, so hope holds the believer to Christ.

  2. Chi Rho: the first 2 letters of the Greek word for Christ.

  3. (the Crowns in these two windows are continuations of the panels below)

  1. IHS: the first 3 letters of the Greek spelling of Jesus (‘iota, eta, sigma’); another interpretation is ‘Iesus Hominium Salvator’: Jesus, Saviour of Men (Latin).

  2. Chalice: faith, sacrifice, redemption, salvation.

  1. The Shield from the Coat of Arms of Canada: note that the maple leaves at the bottom are green - they were changed to red in 1957.

  1. The Coat of Arms of the Winnipeg Grenadiers: the regiment that Cecil Johnston served with in Hong Kong.

The Women Come to the Tomb

The Emmaus Road

All the aisle windows contain these elements:

‘Cloverleaf’: could be interpreted as a trio of trefoils, the sign of the Holy Trinity

Quatrefoil, Messianic Rose: which betokens the Ascension; the 4 leaves refer to Christ’s command to take the Gospel to the four corners of the earth.