Information adapted from Marilyn Jackson's notes in Through a Glass Brightly —

The Heritage Windows of St. James Anglican Church

by the late Reverend Canon John D. Caird

Symbolism in the Windows

  1. Lamp of Knowledge: symbolizes the Word of God or the Bible. As lamps dispel darkness and provide light, it is God who dispels spiritual darkness.

  2. IHS: the first 3 letters of the Greek spelling of Jesus (‘Iota, Eta, Sigma’); another interpretation is ‘Iesu Hominium Salvator’: Jesus, Saviour of Men (Latin).

  3. Chalice: faith, sacrifice, redemption, salvation.

  1. Dove Descending: expresses innocence and purity: signifies the Holy Spirit and the presence of God

  2. Alpha-Omega: the 1st and last letters of the Greek alphabet; signifies Jesus is the beginning and the end of all things; asserts the eternity of Jesus.

  3. Crown with Cross: reward in the after life for the faithful believers in the crucified Saviour.

  1. Font: represents baptism, cleansing of sins.

  2. Chi Rho: the first 2 letters of the Greek word for Christ.

  1. Open Book: normally seen as the open Bible/Holy Scriptures, indicating that God’s Word is accessible to all.

  2. Anchor: hope and stability, steadfastness and faith. As the anchor holds the ship in place, so hope holds the believer to Christ

  1. Dove Descending over Font

The Birth of Jesus

The Presentation at the Temple

All the aisle windows contain these elements:

‘Cloverleaf’: could be interpreted as a trio of trefoils, the sign of the Holy Trinity

Quatrefoil, Messianic Rose: which betokens the Ascension; the 4 leaves refer to Christ’s command to take the Gospel to the four corners of the earth.