Information adapted from Marilyn Jackson's notes in Through a Glass Brightly —

The Heritage Windows of St. James Anglican Church

by the late Reverend Canon John D. Caird

Symbolism in the Windows

  1. Keys: crossed: indicates the power Christ gave to his church on earth. ‘Keys to the Kingdom’: an absolving key for Christ’s forgiveness, a binding key for excommunication. The symbol of St. Peter, brother of Andrew.

  2. Alpha on a Budded Cross: suggests the young immature Christian (Alpha: the beginning)

  3. Thistle, with St. Andrew’s Cross: (both symbols of Scotland) thistle represents defiance and austerity, symbolizes the sufferings of Christ and the martyrs. St. Andrew (brother of Peter) was crucified on this shape of cross because he did not consider himself worthy of the same cross on which Christ died.

  1. Crown: The crown is a symbol of royal authority, and is often used for Christ, the King of Kings.

  2. Omega on Budded Cross: Budded cross suggests a young/new Christian, Omega represents the end: in this case, Omega is inverted.

  3. Lantern:  Christ as the Light of the World.

  1. Open Book: normally seen as the open Bible/Holy Scriptures, indicating that God’s Word is accessible to all.

  2. Chi Rho: with Chi rotated to become the Latin cross, symbol of Christ’s crucifixion.

  1. Vine: in a trefoil shape (the Holy Trinity) indicates a continuous link. This shows the close union between Christ and the members of His church: Jesus is the vine, the people are the branches.

  2. Eye of God: looking out from the Trinity triangle; the all-seeing, all-knowing God as a deterrent of sin, but also an idea of God guiding and guarding us always.

  1. Hourglass: symbolizes our mortality/ time runs out. It is associated with eternal return: the hourglass is constantly renewing as it is turned over.

  1. Cross on the Rock: Christ as the rock: solidarity and security, a sure foundation.

Jesus Calls His Disciples

Jesus Heals the Sick

All the aisle windows contain these elements:

‘Cloverleaf’: could be interpreted as a trio of trefoils, the sign of the Holy Trinity

Quatrefoil, Messianic Rose: which betokens the Ascension; the 4 leaves refer to Christ’s command to take the Gospel to the four corners of the earth.