Worship service options during Covid 19

  1. 1.Bishop Geoff will be ‘live streaming’ worship services from Anglican Lutheran Centre on Sundays, at 10:00 am. This will be accessible at . You will be able to learn about live streaming from the Diocesan website,

  2. 2.Also, the Primate will deliver messages at

  3. 3.Father Murray and Intern Andrea are working out a way to live stream services from our own parish. In the meantime, Father Murray is providing his weekly sermon to parishioners via email, and Janice will email out the weekly readings. If you want to be added to the email list, please phone the church office, 204 888 3489, or submit a contact form.

  4. 4.St Mary’s Charleswood has a sermon, weekly resources, and a link to Bishop Geoff’s sermons on Sunday mornings