East Window, Altar


The panels of the East Window:

This is a triptych design. Traditionally, the central panel shows the Ascension, Christ’s transition from earth to heaven, and a side panel shows the disciple that the church is dedicated to, in our case St. James.

The left panel shows Dorcas and St. James. Dorcas was a woman disciple of Joppa, devoted to charitable work. She was raised from the dead by St. Peter in the first miracle performed by an Apostle. St. James (the pilgrim) was the first disciple to be put to death and the only one whose martyrdom is recorded in the New Testament.

The right panel portrays St. Paul and St. Timothy. St. Paul, as Saul, was a persecutor of early believers until he saw a vision of Jesus on the Damascus Road; after this he converted, changing his name to Paul. St. Timothy was a trusted association of St. Paul and the first Bishop of Ephesus.

In memory of the men and women of the parish who served in the Armed Forces; presented by the parishioners of St. James.

Dorcas and St. James

St. Paul and St. Timothy

The Ascension of Christ