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  1. “This project is an attempt to catalogue every military memorial across Canada. When memorials were built after the World Wars, each community followed their own dictates as to the type or placement of a memorial, if one was built at all. There was no effort to track which communities had built a memorial or to confirm the information found on them. We hope to catalogue not just the major monuments usually found near government buildings, but also the smaller memorials such as plaques, stained glass windows, or certificates and other memorials often located in churches, schools, community halls and public buildings. We hope to capture all the names listed on these memorials in order to build a proper database of those courageous souls who lost their lives for the freedom of Canada. We require detailed photographs of each memorial, so we can transcribe the text on each memorial and provide a digital database of this information for research and historical purposes. This project has been on-going for a few years, and the current results can be found at our web site at

  2. I have been working on a volunteer basis for a couple of years, and have visited some 700 cities, towns and villages across Ontario myself and have about 300 memorials photographed. I am regularly trying to transcribe the names on the memorials. My own web site is at which is where I keep track of what I am working on, and put the materials that won't fit in the NICMM database.

  3. I was asked to send someone a copy of a WWI Roll of Honour scroll and was looking for a better picture than the one I have. So I was hoping yours would be a better one.

  4. ... Again, my thanks and if you have any questions about the NICMM project, just let me know.”

Mr. Pullen asked for permission to add the Roll of Honour and the stained glass window to the NICMM database (and ultimately post on their website) and needed photos of them within the church. Naturally, I gave permission, and provided him with more. This is a new type of ‘outreach’ that we didn’t consider when developing the website, but it shows how far our connections can take us, and how truly small the world is.

If you know of any memorials that aren’t in the NICMM database (you can check its website to be sure), contact Derek Pullen or go to the NICMM website to upload photos. Perhaps there are some where you holiday, or in a small town you know of, that everyone in Canada should hear about.

Photos of our war memorials can be seen on the War Memorials page