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Events taking place at SJAC

These are the scheduled upcoming events ...

We hold Morning Prayer services weekly, at our Collegiate Street location, with Holy Eucharist on the second Sunday of each month. our usual time, 9:45 am

July and August services will alternate between Collegiate Street and our Heritage Church


Memorial Wee Souls service will be on the first Tuesday after Labour Day, 6:00 pm ... at 525 Tylehurst Street (Heritage Church and Cemetery)

Services ... updated September 7, 2023

After a lovely summer with alternate services being held at our Heritage Church, we have returned to our 'colder weather home' on Collegiate Street for all services.

Communion services continue to alternate with our services of Morning Prayer and Praise and Hymns  .... and will be  "livesteamed" ... if you want to receive the livestream materials, please email Elizabeth


Everyone is welcome, whatever your personal life choice ... all we request is respect and kindness.

If you have any questions, simply fill in the General Contact form and submit it.

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