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Worship practices during COVID-19

According to Diocesan guidelines, which follow the Provincial Health Orders, these are our current worship practices:

  • COVID questions:

    • outside of Manitoba in the past 14 days

    • have symptoms (cough, sneezing, fever, pink eye, loss of taste or smell)

    • been in contact with someone who has/may have Covid or a variant


If you answer 'yes' to any of these, please stay home ... call your doctor, get tested, and we'll see you when you're well!​​

  • Masks/facial coverings must be worn at all times, exceptions:

    • if you need to sip your water ...

    • to take your communion wafer ...

    • ... in these cases, simply raise your mask slightly, sip/eat, lower your mask​

  • When you arrive:

    • have your facial covering in place

    • use the hand sanitizer at the door

    • print your name on the contact record

  • If you attend as a 'bubble', you should sit with that bubble,

  • If you attend on your own, you need to stay 2 metres/6 feet from other attendees.

  • Do not sit in the taped off pews ... this will help with spatial distancing

Yes, it is now okay to sing and respond, as long as we are wearing masks.


You may notice that we are not spraying sanitizer on the worship materials and surfaces at the end of the service ...

... we have determined that, because the church is only being used weekly, not daily, the risk of transference of the virus is minimal.

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