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A Learning Journey

These events were intended to help non-Indigenous people learn about Indigenous culture, including medicine and spirituality ... to bring Indigenous and non-Indigenous people together on a common path ... to foster mutual respect and care.

Originally reaching just our own parishes, the events grew to draw people from all across Winnipeg. In 2020, as a result of gathering regulations, we were forced to present them via internet ... as a result, our keynote speaker, Niigaan Sinclair, reached people from across the country!

Sole to Soul: Walk with Intention

Choose your day and time, walk alone or with a group and take a step (or more) along the path toward reconciliation.


For more information and the Sole to Soul Guide, email Elizabeth,

Father Murray retired from St James at the end of 2020, so this parish itself is no longer represented on the committee (due to Canons), but we support this program and some parishioners are on the committee as 'concerned individuals'.

2021: A Learning Journey is a joint endeavour of Epiphany Indigenous Anglican Church, the Church of St Stephen and St Bede, and concerned individuals. With the support of the Diocese of Rupert's Land.


All events will be held virtually through Zoom. ... except Sole to Soul, which you do any time ... 

Registration is necessary, for security reasons ... we don't want to be Zoom bombed!

Clicking the links will take you to the registration page; once registered, the meeting link will be emailed to you. Each event has a different registration link!

Feel free to share the registration link ... but not the meeting link.

Or ... share this page! Thank you!

Note: all events are no charge.

Book Study: David Robertson will be joining us for a zoom discussion of his memoir, Black Water. You will have to acquire your own copy to read ahead of time ... it can be purchased at McNally Robinson Booksellers, and many online outlets.


Get the book: read it!

Friday, September 10   7:00 pm

Join author David Robertson in a discussion about his memoir Black Water.
"In this bestselling memoir, a son who grew up away from his Indigenous culture takes his Cree father on a trip to the family trapline and finds that revisiting the past not only heals old wounds but creates a new future. ... a memoir about intergenerational trauma and healing, about connection and about how Don's life informed David's own. Facing up to a story nearly erased by the designs of history, father and son journey together back to the trapline at Black Water and through the past to create a new future."

Click here to register for this event

Monday, June 21   7:00 pm

Indigenous Service of the Word ... Honouring Canada's National Indigenous People's Day and the Anglican Church's Aboriginal Day of Prayer ... this service, traditionally held at St James (the Assiniboine) Heritage Anglican Church in Winnipeg ... will this year be held via Zoom.

(This event is over ... it was recorded, and will be uploaded to YouTube.)

Wednesday, June 23   7:00 pm

An Introduction to English Protestant Colonial Ideologies

Responding to Number 45.i of the TRC Calls to Action:   this talk focuses on some specific English Protestant ideologies invoked in the late 16th and early 17th centuries to colonize North America. By understanding these theological rationales we can better understand how to commit to responding to this Call to Action.

(This event is over ... it was recorded, and has been uploaded to YouTube.)

Supplies needed:

1   8"x10" canvas ($1.50)

5 piece brush set   $1.25

Set of 10 acrylic paints $2.00

Smaller brush set  $1.25

container of water
Old towel/cloth to wipe brushes

paper & pencil to practice on

Friday, June 25   7:00 pm

Learning Journey: Painting and Sacred Teachings Workshop

While you create a small painting of an eagle feather, Amanda will teach you about the traditional Seven Sacred Teachings. You will need painting supplies: if you have these, great! Otherwise, Amanda checked out Dollarama and found these.

(This event is over ... it was recorded, and will be uploaded to YouTube.)

Supplies needed:

... have been packed in a kit for you to make a traditional dreamcatcher ... sinew, beads, and a hoop made from red willow ... remember to pick it up!

Monday, June 28   7:00 pm

Learning Journey: Dreamcatcher Workshop

Amanda Wallin will teach you how to make your own dreamcatcher ... she has put together a kit and each participant will have to pick it up from us ahead of time (pick-up information will be emailed to you after you register).

(This event is over ... it was recorded, and was uploaded to YouTube.)


watch the video first!

Monday, July 5   7:00 pm

Learning Journey: Discussion of  Stolen Lands, Strong Hearts.

Watch the video first here.
Then join us to discuss the Anglican Church of Canada's film about the Doctrine of Discovery.

(This event is over .... it was recorded and may be uploaded ... but you can still watch the Video)

Tuesday, July 6   6:00 - 8:30 pm

Learning Journey: PWRDF Mapping Exercise

In 2015, as part of its commitment to support the findings of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, PWRDF developed the “education for reconciliation” resource Mapping the Ground We Stand On. This interactive workshop, also known as the Mapping Exercise, invites participants to explore Indigenous presence on the map of Turtle Island/Canada, the history of Settler arrival, and their relationship to one another. It also offers an opportunity for learning and reflection on the concepts of Terra Nullius (empty land), the Doctrine of Discovery and Indigenous knowledge.

(This event is over .... it was not recorded, as 'live' participation is necessary. To learn about this exercise or to host your own, please go to this PWRDF site:  PWRDF)

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