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Worship Information

If you watch our on line services, and would like to have the worship materials to follow and take part from home, please email us and you will be added to the mailing list.

These materials include the

  • Order of Service, which applies to every service in the season,

  • and the weekly Propers, with hymns, readings, and prayers for the day.

Upcoming services and events can be noted on our Calendar page.

Collegiate Street Church


Sunday Service:            9:45 am           

In Person service weekly is being live-streamed at

At the Collegiate Street church 

Morning Prayer, based on The Book of Common Prayer

Since the onset of the Coronavirus Health Restrictions, we have been following provincial and diocesan guidelines, and livestreaming our services. We have been holding Morning Prayer services from The Book of Common Prayer.  As restrictions were lifted, we were able to hold a Eucharistic service, from the BCP, appropriately on Easter Sunday.

Since Rev Dwight Rutherford has joined us, we will be holding Holy Eucharist service on the second Sunday of the month, starting on October 9, 2022.

We at St James are sharing Rev Dwight with St Mary (Charleswood) and we look forward to holding joint services with them.

Tylehurst Street (St. James Heritage Church):

Summer services traditionally take place only at the Heritage Church on Tylehurst, from the last Sunday in June until last Sunday in August. Since September 2019, we were unable to hold services there.

And, in June 2022, we returned to Heritage St James!

Praise Hymn services were held every second week; they were video recorded and the video uploaded to our YouTube channel for our live stream followers to watch after wards. This year, we held these services there until September 25, to stretch out our time there ... but it was a wee bit chilly!

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